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A phenomenal tour de force of mixing – we are proud to represent Andrew for his work in the UK. His most recent credits include the stunning debut album for Hozier, tracks on the Beyonce album ‘XO’ and Green Day’s ‘Revolution Radio’. He has been awarded Grammys for his mix work on Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Stadium Arcadium’, Adele’s “21” and Ziggy Marley’s ‘Fly Rasta’. Other mix work includes global acts such as: Black Sabbath, Jay Z, Johnny Cash, Linkin Park and U2.

Richard is one of those elusive Producers that bands dream of working with. His passion for rhythm, the obscure and the obsolete combined with a talent for uncovering hidden depths in any band or artist he works with, make him a creative force in any recording process. Best known for producing two albums by Wild Beasts, he has also produced the critically acclaimed albums by Ghostpoet and Darkstar.

Richard Formby

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Richard has also performed live with the following…

Jazz Butcher, Sonic Booms, Spectrum, Mogwai, Damo Suzuki.

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